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"Town of Chesapeake Beach Pleased to Announce 97% of Town Residents Report Quality of Life as Excellent or Good"
During the June 7, 2021 Town Council Work
Session, Patrick Gonzales of Gonzales Media & Research presented the findings of a recent
poll conducted of Town residents.
Key findings from the report show:
• 91% of Town residents believe the Town should emphasize the peace and quiet
enjoyment of its residents.
• 93% of Town residents disagree with the statement, “Chesapeake Beach should be
primarily a tourist destination first and residential community second”.
• 69% of Town residents agree with the statement, “I would prefer that homes
surrounding me remain in residential use and not be used as a short-term vacation
rental housing.”
• By a greater than 2-to-1 margin, 66% of Chesapeake Beach residents believe that
vacation stays by tourists to the Town are best suited to take place at a local hotel or
inn, compared to 31% who think tourist stays are best suited to occur at residential
dwellings such as a Airbnb.
• Three-quarters of the Town (76%) prefer to live in a residential community where
homes are occupied by families or individuals that are not transient, contrasted with
24% who state that it would not bother them if their neighbors rented their home to
transient vacationers with different guest every couple of days.