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Celebrate Local Parks & Recreation by Sharing Your Calvert County Park Story
In celebrating the role local parks serve in the community, the Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation (CCPR) invites residents to share their park and recreation story, to be featured during National Park and Recreation Month in July.
Residents are invited to record a video, up to one minute long, about what parks and recreation means to them. Residents may submit their videos using the online form at www.CalvertCountyMd.gov/SubmitVideo. CCPR will feature the videos during Park and Recreation Month to celebrate how parks and recreation helps keep communities strong, vibrant and resilient.
“Local parks may mean something different to everyone, but almost everyone has a park story,” said Parks & Recreation Director Shannon Nazzal. “Parks and recreation are often at the center of memorable experiences for people of all ages and walks of life. They serve as places to gather, to celebrate, to play, to retreat, to connect with nature and with each other. We see these stories take shape every day and now we invite residents to join us in celebrating the essential role of parks in our community and in our lives by telling their own stories.”
Learn more about Calvert County parks, recreation programs and facilities at www.CalvertCountyMd.gov/CCPR. For updates on Parks & Recreation services, park availability, field closures and more visit Parks & Recreation at www.Facebook.com/CalvertCountyParks and follow @CalvertCountyParks on Instagram.
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